The company and Party branches organize all Party members and employees to travel to Huangshan

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        In order to broaden the vision of Party members and employees, stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for life and work, promote the communication and exchange between Party members and employees, departments and departments, and enrich the cultural and entertainment life of all employees of the enterprise. From September 5 to 7, 2018, the company and the Party branch jointly organized all Party members and employees to travel to Huangshan, Anhui for three days.

        Huangshan is the first of the three mountains. At sunrise, strange pines, strange rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs are known as the "five wonders" of Huangshan, which amazes tourists at home and abroad. The peaks of Huangshan Mountain are magnificent, steep and beautiful. The layout is staggered and natural. They are spread around the three main peaks of Tiandu peak, Lianhua peak and Guangming peak, falling into deep gullies and valleys and rising into peaks and cliffs. In particular, Yuping tower is known as the "absolutely victorious place for viewing pine". There is also the famous Yuping Reclining Buddha at the top of the peak! look attractive!

        The company always adheres to people-oriented and regards employees as the core force of the company's development. Organizing travel activities is not only the company's full affirmation of employees' hard work, but also the company's deep concern for employees. Through tourism, employees can not only enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy their body and mind after busy work, but also greatly mobilize their work enthusiasm, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the awareness of teamwork, and provide a good mutual communication platform for the company's party members and departments to relax their body and mind and cultivate their sentiment, Be able to devote more enthusiasm to work and contribute to the sustainable and rapid development of the company.


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